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So you’ve just finished your screenplay, congratulations!


Now what?


Oh! You send it to friends to make sure it’s as good as you think it is.

WOW, they think it’s great, first try, first draft, you’re ready to approach producers and showrunners! wait…

There is no quicker way to feel anxious about your brilliant work as when you send it to someone who can make it real. How do you know it’s ready?antique-blank-camera-269810.jpg

I can help.

Getting professional feedback on your script is a must. You send the project for coverage where someone, sometimes an intern or assistant, will check off a few boxes and give you their opinion on your work and how they think it should go which would convince them to check that “RECOMMEND” box and put it on their boss’s desk.

Here’s a secret, the odds are not in your favor for that box to be check. It rarely is.

But there is good news!

We no longer live in a world where studio heads are the end all, be all of your project!

You have the power to move it forward on YOUR TERMS!


But first…


I can help.

I will read your script and make coverage notes, as they would, but my thoughts are guided toward a bigger picture.

“Great detailed notes, including specific notes throughout the script as well as an extra file with overall notes linked the target audience I had identified.” -Roxanne Sinclair, writer/actor

What we can do to tighten your script and take it to an artistic level where you have two feet to stand on as a salesperson, oh the dreaded “S” word! to WHY your script should be made.

I know, I know, I lost you at “sales.” Once you understand that looking at the big picture will help you move forward, you will love the pitch!

You will get my thoughts as a filmmaker and a producer in coverage form. If you find them valuable and necessary to get you to your next step, come on in and let’s talk more about it!

Through weekly 30 minute guided meetings we will go over my questions, your questions, your challenges, your goals, and how to set everything up for success so you can have the utmost confidence when approaching people with your work.

I’ve spent much of my creative life sending screenplays to people and getting little to no notes or help. I’ve paid for coverage services, which are helpful, but just not always enough when I’m trying to hash out the blocks in my own mind wishing I had SOMEONE to turn to who I can count on to stick with me throughout the process for the specific things I need to help me get to my final draft.

So look no further because I got you.


If you want someone putting in that work WITH you on your journey CONTACT ME and I will help until you have no more questions or blocks.

You’re nervous about committing to anything when you don’t know me from Adam?

No worries!

I have a RISK FREE OPPORTUNITY to send me 10 pages of your feature script, I’ll make notes for ABSOLUTELY NO COST TO YOU so you can get a taste of what I’m all about and if you find those notes helpful and valuable, I will make a custom offer based on the page count of your project.

“Christie is very professional at what she does. She takes care and passion in reviewing each line of dialog and provided artistic feedback for me work. Would recommend!” -Lisa Tedesco, writer/director

Not all projects and people need the same kind and amount of help.

I will work with you on a plan that best suits your creative needs.



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